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Foxy Fox Detox Cleanse

Foxy Fox Detox Cleanse

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Due to High Demand! Tea is now up for pre- order. Please be patient your detox is on the way!

1 bottle...... if you want more than one bottle click how many you want.  

Are you ready to release toxins from the body if your answer is yes! Well, I’m here to help you not only release toxins, but lose 5LBS fast. Foxy Fox detox is one of the best tasty detox around. I promise you will not even know you’re drinking a detox.

How to drink your Foxy Fox Detox:
1. Drink a bottle every day for seven days!
2. Drink a bottle of every other day.
3. Do either option 1 or 2 wear a waist trainer and work out plus better eating habits to see amazing results!

Medical Disclaimer:
If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult with your physician prior to use.

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